WOD: 6-16-12

Team WOD: For time:

5 rounds of:

20 Pull Ups
20 Push ups
20 Sit ups
20 Air Squats

In between each round:

40 Box Jumps (24/20)
40 Wall Balls (20/14)


Let’s talk about these workouts.  I say “these” in plural because you will be doing almost two of the longer benchmark girl workouts of CrossFit.  The first one is Angie, which is 100 reps of the four gymnastics movements (Pull Up, Push Up, Sit Up, Air Squat).  The second one is Kelly, which is 5 rounds for time of 400M Run, 30 Wall Balls, and 30 Box Jumps.  For this team version of the Angie/Kelly mash up, the run has been taken out and the reps have been split up.  There are also a couple of rules to note:

  • Only one person can work at one time during the Angie portion
  • Both people can work at the same time during the Kelly portion

These features will ensure that the strongest team may not necessarily win.  If you can properly break up your reps, play to your strengths/weaknesses, and communicate properly, this workout should be not only manageable, but fast all the way through.  Based on how this workout goes, we will be seeing it in the future, so pick your partners wisely or let lady luck be your guide.  Either way, it is officially the weekend!  Come in and work out early so that you can go home and read and go to bed early.

For some inspiration, here is Chris Spealler doing Angie.  Try not to laugh at how insane it is.

July Baseline, wow,




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